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Re: Overdrive problem.....

Subject: Re: Overdrive problem.....
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 09:10:50 -0500
   The oil in the OD is pumped up to engage the clutches when OD is in
use, as well as to lubricate the machinery.  If the oil level is low, the
pump sucks air and can't develop the approx 400 psi that is called for. 
The book says to keep the oil at the 'full' mark. Returning the oil to
its specified oil seems to have your OD working now, so you may well have
solved the problem. Best way to test is by driving it.    
   If the oil level is not the problem, or not the only problem, the next
step is to check all electrical connections, then to replace all the
little rubber bits and balls and springs, which you can do with engine
and gearbox in the car.  If that effort fails you can go to the effort of
removing engine, but try the simple and inexpensive things first. 

On Sun, 10 Feb 2002 20:37:21 +1100 "Mark Smith"
<> writes:
> Gurus of the MG list.....
> Whilst out motoring today my overdrive started dropping in and out. 
> I'd been
> blasting around for a few hours when this malady occured....The car 
> was
> sitting at about 60mph and would suddenly drop out of O/D then  back 
> in. I
> tested it a couple of times with no ill effects. It proceeded as 
> prescribed
> or another half an hour then dropped out and this time refused to 
> come back
> on.

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