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Back in the shop

Subject: Back in the shop
From: Larry Colen <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 22:45:32 -0800
I've been so busy lately that it took me from August until two weeks
ago to have time to pull the engine out of my BGT. Today, I finally
tore the motor apart. As you probably don't remember, I was swapping
heads, getting the car ready for a race on Labor Day when I noticed
damage to the tops of a couple of the pistons. Didn't know whether it
was from predetonation, or having sucked a rock into the motor during
one of the brief times I was running without air filters.

Tonight, the mystery was solved. It seems to have been caused by
broken piston rings. When I get the chance, I'll take, scan and post
pictures. I don't know what busted the rings, I suspect that I screwed
when up tapping the pistons into place, as it was the top ring in
both cases.


Another item on my list of things to be fixed is the transmission. I'm
very tempted to do the Datsun tranny swap as this is the second
overdrive that has died on me. Has anyone done this swap? What is the
true final cost?

Also, what are overdrive trannys worth, either working or not?

I'll probably take the tranny down to BMS for a quote on getting it
fixed. I don't really have the time, or probably the tools, to rebuild
a tranny / overdrive myself.

What can I be doing that causes the overdrive to crap out after only
18,000 miles after a rebuild?  Does one need to declutch the motor
before shifting the O/D?


While I was pulling the motor, KPIG (107 oink 5, played
one of their hog calls (free messages that they play on the radio for
you, like KFATs fatgrams) for someone that has two MGBGTs for sale. 

I just tried calling the guy, and he sounded pretty soused, so I
didn't get a lot of information out of him. The phone numbers:
831-722-7013 (where the drunk guy was) and 831-663-4383 (just got an
answering machine) are somewhere in the Watsonville area, south of
Santa Cruz. 

one is a '72, that supposadly has a new interior and just needs a fuel
pump. He's asking $1500 for it. This has either a single or a dual
webber manifold, it may have one on it and the other in the parts pile.

The other is a '68, it has a toyota Engine and Tranny, probably a 20R
or a 22R, the guy didn't remember. It runs, apparantly goes like
stink, and they are asking $2500 for it. It needs a little bodywork.


The biggest problem that I seem to have with my BGT is nasty fumes
getting into the passenger compartment and making my passengers
unhappy. Are there common problems and solutions to this? Should I
just fiberglass over the whole firewall?



I've found something worse than oldies station that play the music I used to
listen to. Oldies stations that play the "new" music I used to complain about.                          

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