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Re: Back in the shop

Subject: Re: Back in the shop
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 09:33:58 -0500
   Fumes into the GT can come from firewall and from the rear
deck/battery area.  The firewall may have a lot of holes punched in it by
DPOs plus those that have wires and cables running through grommets. I
spent a day with my GT trying to find all of them to cut down on smell
and to reduce cold winter draughts.  Most are under control, though there
are some I just can't find.  Replace tired grommets and goo up other
holes with black silicone.  If you park outside on a sunny day, hood up,
you may see points of light.  Also, make a gasket set for the
brake/clutch housings. I used flat foam packing, the stuff that stores
use to wrap glassware. Put it under the pedal bracket, cut so pedals can
swing, and use a piece across the top of the bracket to seal the
underside of the pedal cover. Readjust stop light switch afterward.  
  Battery cover lids may need new gasket too.  Look for missing plastic
plugs in body holes.  
  Driving on wet pavement makes much more tire noise than driving on dry.
 Try it, listening for areas where road noise enters the car. Noisy entry
points are likely to be areas where seals and gaskets are missing, all
entry points for fumes too.  
> The biggest problem that I seem to have with my BGT is nasty fumes
> getting into the passenger compartment and making my passengers
> unhappy. Are there common problems and solutions to this? Should I
> just fiberglass over the whole firewall?
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>    Larry

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