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Subject: Books for sale
From: "Kenneth Scott" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 09:36:49 -0500
   Last Fall I e-mailed the group with the tale of my 77 MGB going up in flames 
and offered a number of parts for sale.  Many of you asked for a list and I 
sold much of what I had.  I have lost the list of members who were interested 
so I am sending this to the entire list.  I apologise if this is deemed 
improper use of the mailing group.  I am parting with my books because all 
hopes of another MG have evaporated.  I have listed the prices, shipping is 

Mgb-plus v8 conversion guidebook all models     Excellent condition     $10

Bentley shop manual for 1975-1980 MGB   Excellent condition     $10

Guide to purchase and DIY restoration of the MGB with supplementary information 
on MGC and MGB V8       As New  $10

Improve and Modify MGB including MGC and MGB V8s Lindsey Porter and David 
Pollard       As New  $10

The Classic MG Richard Aspden   Excellent Condition     $10

Original MGB with MGC and MGB GT V8  Clausager  As New  $10

Amgba Technical sections 336 pages      Excellent Condition     $15

Weekend Mechanics Guide to Peak Performance and Handling  Bill Farlow   
Excellent Condition     $10

MGB Restoration/Preparation/Maintenance  Jim Tyler      As New  $10

Weber Carburetors  Pat Braden Down and side draught carbs       Excellent 
condition     $8

How to give your MGB V8 power Roger Williams    As New  $12

The Classic MG Yearbook 1973 Richard Knudson    As New  $8

MG Sports cars Fifty Years of the Marque form the 18-80 to the MGB  Autocar     
As New  $10

Haynes Owner's workshop manual  As new  $10

MGB Driver's handbook 1979      excellent condition     $5

AMGBA Octagon 1993 - 1999 Complete (I think)    Excellent Condition     Best 

NAMGBR Driver 1993 - 1999 Complete (I think)    Excellent Condition     Best 

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