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Got a result/Body shop in SFBA?

Subject: Got a result/Body shop in SFBA?
From: "Simon Matthews" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 22:42:35 +0000
Yesterday my green MGA sustained a dent while parked in the car park at 

Today, I noticed a vehicle with green paint marks at the correct height to 
match the dent and scrapes on my car. While inspecting this vehicle with a 
colleague (I wanted a witness), someone  came out of  another business in 
the business park, so we asked her if she knew the owner. She indicated that 
she knew the owner and that he/she worked in the same place as her. After 
going back into the other business' office, she came back out and said that 
the owner was not there and I should call the police.

Well, I took her at her word and called the police. The policeman agreed 
with me that the marks matched up and that the vehicle I had noticed was 
probably the cause of the dents in my car. To cut to the chase, the woman 
who had denied that the owner was there was herself the owner. Her husband 
(who also worked there and could also have been the driver of the vehicle) 
agreed to pay for the damage to my car.

Now -- critical question: does anyone know of a body shop in the San 
Francisco Bay Area (preferably in or near Fremont) that can do a nice repair 
to the aluminium door of my MGA?


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