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Re: Got a result/Body shop in SFBA?

Subject: Re: Got a result/Body shop in SFBA?
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 20:49:35 -0600
Dan DiBiase wrote:
> A's have aluminum doors??

Some do, many from the various competition efforts have them, plus
an alloy bonnet too. I have seen both made absolutely perfectly by
"panel-beaters" in Canada and the UK, literally better doors, that
line up better, than the factory ones.

Old Bill Dillon, from Erindale Sunoco, remade my MGA grill area into
a pretty good Cobra imitation in one afternoon, with me showing him
what I wanted and him, with welding gear and hammers and dollies,
"making it so."

I'm pretty sure Rick has at least one aluminium bonnet and possibly
two in his storage. I'm happier with the steel one on my A project,
since (1) it will have a tweaked B engine, (2) I'm not planning to
compete in it and (3) ignorant people sometimes sit on bonnets and
lean against doors.   ;)

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