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Re: Got a result/Body shop in SFBA?

To: mgs <>
Subject: Re: Got a result/Body shop in SFBA?
From: R C Engelhardt <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 16:30:20 -0800
I've been there a time or two. If you can't find anyone near Fremont,
there is a body guy that specializes in LBC's in Forestville. I know
it's a bit far but the guy does great work. Among other things, he
repaired a parking lot dent in my door. His name is Ron Wheeler, let me
know if you need his number, I have it around here somewhere (for the
next time some idiot thumps my car).

58 MGA
Santa Rosa, Ca.

Simon Matthews wrote:
> Yesterday my green MGA sustained a dent while parked in the car park at
> work.
> Today, I noticed a vehicle with green paint marks at the correct height to
> match the dent and scrapes on my car. While inspecting this vehicle with a
> colleague (I wanted a witness), someone  came out of  another business in
> the business park, so we asked her if she knew the owner. She indicated that
> she knew the owner and that he/she worked in the same place as her. After
> going back into the other business' office, she came back out and said that
> the owner was not there and I should call the police.
> Well, I took her at her word and called the police. The policeman agreed
> with me that the marks matched up and that the vehicle I had noticed was
> probably the cause of the dents in my car. To cut to the chase, the woman
> who had denied that the owner was there was herself the owner. Her husband
> (who also worked there and could also have been the driver of the vehicle)
> agreed to pay for the damage to my car.
> Now -- critical question: does anyone know of a body shop in the San
> Francisco Bay Area (preferably in or near Fremont) that can do a nice repair
> to the aluminium door of my MGA?
> Simon

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