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Weeping MGB caliper?

To: <>
Subject: Weeping MGB caliper?
From: "Scott Hower" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 23:15:56 -0500

I recently rebuilt a pair of MGB calipers.  After installing them and
bleeding the system, one of them appears to be leaking ( same
caliper was also leaking prior to the rebuild.)  I used new Lockheed
pistons and seals.  The bleed screw, plug and hose conection are
all tight.  I did split the caliper and replace the fluid channel seal.  
(yeah, I know the manual says not to, but after 30 years I felt it
was due for retirement...)  I was careful to get the pistons fitted
squarely and the dust seals are in straight.    

The leak appears to be coming from the piston/dust seal area on
the inboard half of the caliper.  I took it off, and gently popped the
piston out with air; it is perfectly smooth and both the fluid and dust
seal are fine and assembled correctly with red rubber grease.  
The bore does have a small scratch in it, but I've been told (from
John Twist) that the piston is what matters for sealing, not the bore.  

Any idea why this thing leaks?  The other caliper is fine.  I'm using
DOT5 fluid.  A well respected MG guru has told me that  "with DOT5,
they'll probably all leak".  I don't find that to be an acceptable answer,
especially since the other caliper doesn't.  After what I have invested
in the Glasurit paintwork, I'm dreading a switch over to GTLMA.

Lawrie, Barney... any suggestions?  What am I doing wrong here?  

--Scott  73 MGB

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