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Re: Weeping MGB caliper?

To: "Scott Hower" <>
Subject: Re: Weeping MGB caliper?
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 00:31:22 -0600
At 11:15 PM 2/12/02 -0500, Scott Hower wrote:
>I recently rebuilt a pair of MGB calipers.  After installing them and 
>bleeding the system, one of them appears to be leaking .... I used new 
>Lockheed pistons and seals. ....
>The leak appears to be coming from the piston/dust seal area on the 
>inboard half of the caliper.  ....
>Any idea why this thing leaks?

Probably a bit of debris in the groove that carries the square section 
o-ring seal inside of the caliper body.  The fluid is most likely leaking 
past the outside of that seal, not between the seal and the piston.  Pop 
the piston out again, remove the square section piston seal from the 
housing, clean the groove SPOTLESSLY clean, reassemble the caliper, bleed 
it again, and your leak should go away.

>.... I'm using DOT5 fluid.  A well respected MG guru has told me 
>that  "with DOT5, they'll probably all leak".  I don't find that to be an 
>acceptable answer, especially since the other caliper doesn't.  After what 
>I have invested in the Glasurit paintwork, I'm dreading a switch over to GTLMA.

I'm with you.  I have had years of good service from DOT5 fluid with no 
problems, not so happy with DOT4 more recently, and just switched back to 
DOT5 again.  If the seals are good it will not leak.

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

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