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Re: Carb question, grinding into third

Subject: Re: Carb question, grinding into third
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 21:12:17 -0600
David Councill wrote:

> I will know tomorrow if I'm successful. Otherwise I am at a loss as I have
> tried everything from different dashpots, new dashpot dampers, new gaskets
> (and now without).

One of the things I scavenge when a salvage yard gives me pocketing
rights is these little damper caps off SUs. Here was our shameless
quick and dirty fix for the wandering caps many years ago: if it's
an old one, with worn threads, replace it with a brand new one, but
if the treads are clean and sharp, make a cut across the threads
with a hot or very sharp knife, one that goes about half the depth
of the thread-cut. This tends to jam the cap a bit so it doesn't
vibrate loose.

I can't recommend this, since it's ugly and destructive, but it has
always worked when "this friend of mine" has used it.   ;)

I think they wear out because they get fitted with dirt or grit in
the threads from being laid on dirty surfaces while the pot gets
topped up, and then sometimes they get cross-threaded. 

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