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Re: Weeping MGB caliper? (question about DOT 5)

Subject: Re: Weeping MGB caliper? (question about DOT 5)
From: "Henry D. Reynolds" <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 10:00:28 -0600
so i am about to replace all my flexible brake lines and i was
considering replacing the GTLMA with DOT5(silicon) brake fluid. the last
time i did this on an MGB i had fabulous results. I never had a bit of
tousle w/ hydraulics again and pedal feel was better(harder) and fade
was reduced. But i have heard the warning about silicon trapping
moisture and was wondering if anyone had has any first hand negative
experience w/ this type of brake fluid or if anyone had any particular
recommendations as to brands or procedures.

PS last time i did this i didn't really flush the hydraulic as i have
seen recommended. I just "flushed" the system by running the new brake
fluid through the system.

"Alle Menschen werden Bruder"

 Henry D. Reynolds - System Administrator

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