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Re: Weeping MGB caliper? (question about DOT 5)

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Subject: Re: Weeping MGB caliper? (question about DOT 5)
From: "Denise Thorpe" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 23:15:7 -0500
Henry D. Reynolds asked:

> OK. I'll bite. . .  how does one construct a "alternate home-made 
> pressure bleeder"

Since no one else has answered this, I'll pontificate.  All you need is a
compressed air source, a way to get it into the master cylinder, and a way
to regulate the pressure.  When I was a Porsche/Audi mechanic ('80-'84) the
only way to bleed an Audi 5000 clutch slave cylinder, which is on top of
the bell housing, was with pressure.  I kept the cap off of a master
cylinder reservoir I'd replaced and drilled a hole in it.  This allowed me
to put a rubber-tipped air nozzle into the hole to pressurize the master
cylinder.  To keep from blowing out the seals with full pressure, I kept a
finger under the handle of the air nozzle.  With the master cylinder
pressurized, I just cranked open the bleed nipple (man, I hate that
expression) and let it flow until the bubbles were all gone.

Now that I don't have the use of a compressor (but it's on the top of my
list!) I have an air bottle that I fill up at a gas station whenever I need
air pressure, like when I forget to break loose the front crank pulley bolt
with the starter before I pull an engine.  But with MG's, I've never needed
to use pressure to bleed anything.  I don't understand why people have so
much trouble bleeding the clutch slave cylinder for a B, but then I always
fill up the slave cylinder before I screw it onto the hose, so it doesn't
need much bleeding.

But if you must pressure bleed, for a pressure source, you can use a
compressor, an air bottle, or the pressure in a tire, but be sure you have
a way to pump the tire back up.  To regulate the pressure, you can use a
lack of pressure in the source, a finger, or a real in-line pressure
regulator with a dial.  To get the pressure into the master cylinder, use
an air nozzle with a mutilated mc cap, a rag, or anything else you can
think of.  If you attach a tube to the bleed nipple  then you don't need an
accomplice because the capillary action in the tube prevents air from
flowing black into the slave cylinder, or wheel cylinder, when the pressure
is removed and you scramble to tighten the bleed screw.


--- Denise Thorpe
--- xyzabcde@earth

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