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Re: Fuel pump?

Subject: Re: Fuel pump?
From: Eric <>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 01:49:56 +1030
Brian Warmuth wrote:
> Smitty:
> Once had a similar problem. Before you go replacing the pump, make sure
> all of your chassis grounds are tight and clean. BTDT!  I used to drive
> down the road and the car would suddenly quit...dead. Then after sitting
> for awhile would miraculously start....or not.  Finally found out I had
> an intermittent ground connection from the engine to the chassis--the
> ground strap was loose and very oily. Cleaned and tightened it and
> problem gone!  Took a long time to find that one and now it's one of the
> first things I check.

I concur (or... me too).

Mine was the earth lead from the battery negative to the chassis. 
Really full of gunk (which made it seem tight - cleaned away the gunk
and there was plenty of slack).  The lead also had a number of broken
strands at the chassis connector end, so I replaced the thing entirely
and all was well again - better than before.

My problem was that I thought it was at the bettery end of the lead
because every time I fiddled, twisted, jiggled this end, everything
would work again for a while.  I even replaced the battery terminal end
twice before finding that all I was doing was moving the whole cable
which moved the actual problem end to make the connection again temporarily.

These intermittent faults can be a bugger to find - so now I check EVERYTHING.

Adelaide, South Australia

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