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carb problems

Subject: carb problems
From: Bob Van Kirk <>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 18:50:34 -0800 (PST)
Hi list,
     Just joined the list and really have a problem I
hope someone out there can help me with.
     I have rebuilt a 76 MGB 18V motor with a single
HIF 6 carb and on what I believe is a Austin Marina
single casting intake and exhaust manifold.  After
replacing everything and I mean everything in this
motor including a Moss mild street cam I can not get
the carb dialed in properly.  It has a ABD needle in
good shape, new throttle shaft, proper fuel pressure (
2lbs), float adjusted to have about .020 clearance
from straight edge as directed by the manual, timing
set at 10 BTC at 1500 RPM per manual, idle jet set for
best RPM.  Engine runs fine in garage but when driven,
back fires through the exhaust and cuts out with a
load.  At times it even acts as if running out of gas!
 Has 14 lbs fairly steady vacuum at intake and if
hooked up to the crankcase vent tube engine just dies.
 Carb wasn't touched during rebuild and ran fairly
well until now.  HELP HELP   
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