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Re: Insurance... for Racing?

To: "MGS" <>
Subject: Re: Insurance... for Racing?
From: "Denise Thorpe" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 14:46:49 -0500
Eric said:

> 25 years for it to apply to my car :-)  Also "retention of wreck" is
> free for cars over 35 years of age (just another year or so and my
> insurance costs drop... woohoo).

Speaking of 'retention of wreck,' I don't know if American listers know
this, but if your car is totaled in an accident that was NOT your fault,
you can keep the money from the insurance company AND keep the car.  Paying
you for your car doesn't mean the insurance company owns it.  If the
accident WAS your fault, then you can't keep the car.  I guess that the
insurance companies want to keep people from driving their cars into a
bridge abutment and making a profit by fixing it themselves.  This isn't a
law and getting to keep the totaled car isn't automatic--it requires some
whining and maybe threatening--but when you're dealing with the insurance
company of a person who destroyed your property and maybe endangered your
life, you're in a much stronger position than they are.  And they don't
want your car anyway.

--- Denise Thorpe
--- xyzabcde@earthlink

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