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Minilite Wheels

Subject: Minilite Wheels
From: "Richard J. Hockert, Esq." <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 07:14:02 -0600
I have received a couple of inquiries as to whether I would be arranging a 
group Minilite purchase order this year as I have done for the past two 
years.  Since March is quickly approaching and that is when we have ordered 
to get the wheels in time for Spring, I'd like to poll the list to see if 
there is interest in ordering Minilites at a discount.  Last year the cost 
ended up at $250 a wheel for the knock offs (Healey, Triumph, MG) and $150 
for the bolt-ons.  Spitfires $127.50.   Spridgets were $120 for bolt-ons 
(13 x 5).

Please contact me off list if you have an interest.  It takes about ten 
orders to fill a pallet and get the good price.
Best regards.
Jim Hockert
BJ8 Rallye
Dallas, TX

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