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Re: Minilite Wheels

Subject: Re: Minilite Wheels
From: Chris Thompson <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 16:25:45 -0500
On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Richard J. Hockert, Esq. wrote:
> I have received a couple of inquiries as to whether I would be arranging a 
> group Minilite purchase order this year as I have done for the past two 
> years.  Since March is quickly approaching and that is when we have ordered 
> to get the wheels in time for Spring, I'd like to poll the list to see if 
> there is interest in ordering Minilites at a discount.  Last year the cost 
> ended up at $250 a wheel for the knock offs (Healey, Triumph, MG) and $150 
> for the bolt-ons.  Spitfires $127.50.   Spridgets were $120 for bolt-ons 
> (13 x 5).

I have a Dumb question,

These prices are higher than what I'm seeing in Moss and on sale at LBCarCo.

13" Spit/GT6 (Moss 854-720) are $112.97
14" bolt on MGB Minilites (Moss: 455-386) are $124.11
15" bolt on (MGB +1 - Moss 456-045) are $159.08
14" knockoff (MGB - Moss 455-360) are $232.17
15" Knockoff (Healy/TR/MGB+1 Moss 455-385) are $254.96

I'm not affiliated with LBCarCo at all, though I do shop there, and their
website is usually the first place I check for prices. And had I not been
looking for minilite prices just last night, I probably wouldn't have

Am I missing something? Are the wheels you're getting a higher quality? or
am I going to save a bundle on shipping?

Just Curious

Chris Thompson

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