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re: Car trailer

Subject: re: Car trailer
From: Zubrovka <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 12:04:31 -0600
I use a 16 ft utility trailer, the type with a wood floor, double 
axle. Getting the car on the trailer, I have a spot in my yard where 
a driveway is just the right height above where I back the trailer up 
to it, but you could get a metal shop to fabricate some low cost 
ramps, or buy one of thoe ramp kits that attaches to lumber.
I was always lucky in finding a place to load and/or borrowing ramps 
on the other end.
I've hauled something as heavy as a 66 Ford Thunderbird on this 
arrangement (not recommended), but it pulls easily with a MG back 
there.  The last car I recall hauling with it was a late 50's Nash 
Rambler and it pulled it fine as well. The Nash is about the same 
weight as a Mark 2 Jag, I'd think.
It's a lot cheaper than springing for a "car trailer" too.  In this 
part of the country, it's as much as a $1000 cheaper!
I pull it with a full size Ford Bronco.
Other than that, just make sure it's legal with the DMV.  The trailer 
I bought, had a vin # on it and a title came with it, required in 
most states now.

At 5:55 AM -0600 2/20/02, Ken Waringa wrote:
>I'm in the market for a trailer to haul my British Cars.  Those out there
>with trailers, do you need a dovetail (rear 2 feet of the trailer slope down
>at a different angle from the main bed) or will our cars clear with just a
>flat bed?  I'm going to look at a flat bed trailer that sounds like a pretty
>good deal this afternoon, but I'm afraid the cars will bottom out when going
>onto the trailer without a dovetail.

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