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RE: Car Trailer

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Subject: RE: Car Trailer
From: "Ken Waringa" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 15:00:32 -0600
Thanks to all that replied.  It seems the one I'm going to look at will work
for my needs.  I guess I should have given more details about the trailer.
It's has tandem axles, a 4 to 5 foot ramp tailgate, and electric brakes on
one axle.  It also has sides about 11 inches high (my TR6 doors are about 11
1/2 inches off the ground and I'm not sure how high the MGB or MG 1100 doors
are).  It's almost new, just used to bring a jeep from Oklahoma to the
Florida panhandle.  Plus, according to the owner, the price is very
negotiable, starting at $850.  A new car hauler, with dove tail (if that's
the right name) and no brakes would cost me $1100 locally.  Electric brakes
are an extra $135 per axle.  I already have an electric brake controller in
my truck, so that won't be an added expense.

Again, thanks for all the responses, I'm off to go look at the trailer.


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