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Reproduction License Plates

Subject: Reproduction License Plates
From: Chris Thompson <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 17:03:36 -0500
Since I'm about to actually plate my 67 B for the first time, I've got a

I've checked ebay, and they do have some decent quality vintage 67 Ohio
plates, but something occurs to me.

Here in Ohio, I can use 67 plates, as long as I provide them. That's all the
law says. It doesnt say that they have to be original vintage 67 plates.
I've done some digging and at least Delaware and Indiana allow repro plates
to be used on vintage cars.

Since I believe I can use repro plates, it'd be nice to get vanity 67 plates
made up.

So that brings up the question, who makes vintage plates? a google search
only turns up collector places who swear that their plates are NOT repro.

I guess I could call my local metal stamping company and ask for a price on
a 1-off. But it seems to me that there's GOT to be someone out there doing
this specifically.

Any ideas?


Chris Thompson

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