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Re: Reproduction License Plates

Subject: Re: Reproduction License Plates
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 18:56:03 EST
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<< heh,
 I haven't even thought about that before but it would be kind of cool 
 to have 76 Bi Centenial plates on my 76 B!
 John >>

Speaking of BiCentennial Plates, remember every state issued a special plate 
in 1976?  I have two of the New Jersey plates hanging in my basement, with my 
other vintage plates.  They have the Spirit of '76 logo on a white 
background, Jersey symbols, etc.   You were allowed to display this "picture" 
plate on the front of the car, as long as you showed your regular plate in 
the rear.  I think they let you display it between July 75 and July 77.  Then 
you had to return to front and back NJ plates.

Steve in NJ

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