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Re: Reproduction License Plates

To: Chris Thompson <>
Subject: Re: Reproduction License Plates
From: Zubrovka <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 16:27:22 -0600
I haven't even thought about that before but it would be kind of cool 
to have 76 Bi Centenial plates on my 76 B!

>Since I'm about to actually plate my 67 B for the first time, I've got a
>I've checked ebay, and they do have some decent quality vintage 67 Ohio
>plates, but something occurs to me.
>Here in Ohio, I can use 67 plates, as long as I provide them. That's all the
>law says. It doesnt say that they have to be original vintage 67 plates.
>I've done some digging and at least Delaware and Indiana allow repro plates
>to be used on vintage cars.
>Since I believe I can use repro plates, it'd be nice to get vanity 67 plates
>made up.
>So that brings up the question, who makes vintage plates? a google search
>only turns up collector places who swear that their plates are NOT repro.
>I guess I could call my local metal stamping company and ask for a price on
>a 1-off. But it seems to me that there's GOT to be someone out there doing
>this specifically.
>Any ideas?

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