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Re: Head stud removal

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Subject: Re: Head stud removal
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Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 09:47:46 -0000
If one broke at 60, and the others came off at 70 without breaking, then I
think you just had a bad stud.  Probably better to break then than on
reassembly or in use.

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Subject: Head stud removal

> I was curious to see
> if any had loosened over time so I began a series of torque wrench tests
> starting at 35 ft-lbs and working up in 5 ft-lb increments to see when a
> might break loose. While testing at 60 ft-lbs I got a shocking surprise as
> #4 broke off right at the nut. At that point I dug out my beam wrench and
> removed the nuts (most gave way at about 70 ft-lbs).

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