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Re: Minilite Wheels

To: Dan DiBiase <>
Subject: Re: Minilite Wheels
From: Zubrovka <>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 15:59:50 -0600
Yeah Dan, It seems most of them are better off in Chevy pickups around here.

I think we all drove like maniacs when we were young.  It was that 
all consuming "life on fire"  deathless spirit.
It's strange, I  feel a lot more cautious these days and often feel 
damn lucky to be sitting here.  Too bad we can't be more cautious in 
our youth and then do the wild-ass part in middle age.  I get quite a 
kick driving  a MG down a curvy country lane, top down, wind blowing 
in my hair and find it curious that the feeling really has no 
relation to speed at all.
In high school I drove a 67 RS/SS Camaro convertible and the feeling 
it gave with the top down just isn't the same, not really as 
enjoyable as the MG, because when you drive a Camaro slowly down a 
country lane, you are lumbering along while feeling the need to stick 
a foot in that V8!

>(BTW, John - I don't think I'd let any of your friends drive your car,
>they don't have very good track records with LBC's, do they?! 8P )

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