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Re: Sound Deadening

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Subject: Re: Sound Deadening
From: "Rick Lindsay" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 14:44:46 -0600
   It's a good thing we aren't over on the FerrariList with
talk like this.  We pay A LOT of money for that engine 
sound!  :-P
   That same close cell foam with the aluminum backing
would work great on the bonnet.  Install with the aluminum
side toward the engine.  Heat insullation too.  Bonus!
   Same stuff would work fine on the INSIDE of the firewall
but with the Al facing the motor.


> Is there something you can put on the inside of the hood, to quieten the
> engine sound....??
> Are the products listed heat resiliant....???  Or is there something else
> you use for that...?
> Just a thought.
> Robert.
> 73 MG Midget
> Possible 68 GT.

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