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Re: Paint Stripping and Body Prep

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Subject: Re: Paint Stripping and Body Prep
From: James Schulte <>
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 17:50:49 -0800
I only have experience with one car but what I found is the prep work is the 
important part.  Make sure you do a great job with it otherwise it won't matter
who the paint sprayer is.
My .02
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Bill Snyder wrote:

> Hello list,
> My son and I are getting ready to strip the paint and prep the body on
> our '72 MGB-GT project car. After the prep work is done, we intend to let
> a local professional do the spraying.
> Our plans are to use Aircraft Stripper and we would be interested in
> hearing any advice or cautionary statements on its use.
> How is it best applied?
> If we can do it outside, what is the lowest ambient temperature at which
> it will work properly?
> How long should it be allowed to stand?
> How is the glop best removed?
> What is the best solvent to remove residue?
> I understand that it will destroy bondo. What grit sandpaper is
> recommended for paint removal where filler has been used?
> What should be applied to bare metal after stripping to prevent rust?
> Does anyone have pointers for removing the wavey appearance of the steel
> bonnet?
> The body has practically no rust but the paint appears excessively thick.
> Any and all help is welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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