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MGA Exhaust system question

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Subject: MGA Exhaust system question
From: "Dave Ahrendt" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 09:13:40 -0500
Hi all,

Has anyone installed the stock Moss (made in England, I think) mild steel
two piece exhaust system?  This is the version with the two piece front pipe
with a slip fit sleeve to splice the two pipes together.  Is there a trick
to get the splice not to leak?  It seems no matter where I position them or
how hard I tighten down the two clamps or glare at the assemby it leaks
exhaust gas.

Someone had mentioned using some type of muffler "putty" to seal the joint.
I'm not too sure how this would work because the slip fit sleeve seems to
have only a few thou. clearance.  Do you just smear it over the two pipes
and slide the sleeve over the goo, them clamp down?

Thanks for any tips or other ideas?

'46 MG-TC
'59 MGA 1500
'61 MGA 1600

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