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100 Acre Wood

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Subject: 100 Acre Wood
From: "Rick Lindsay" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 08:45:08 -0600
Hello Gang,
   Last weekend I participated (as crew) for Team Paradox
in the SCCA "100 Acre Wood" rally.  This was my first
involvement in the SERIOUS rally world, having only done 
TSD rallies before.  MAN, this is intense!
   Team Paradox champions a '68 MGB-GT if full historic
rally trim.  The car is stunning and REALLY well sorted.   At the services we basically 
checked brake pads and shoes, retorqued damper bolts, 
inspected tires, cleaned windows and refueled.  Nothing 
broke, nothing failed.  And we're talking about 90+ mph 
on gravel forest roads with tail-wagging pendulum turns at 
full throttle.  Any MG fan would have been VERY proud!
   But here is the bottom line, we kicked butt!  This was a 
national event with around 60 entrants, including teams from 
Ireland, and we took third place (overall) in "Group 2" and 
FIRST place in "Group 2 Historic"!  Great fun!
   Thought you'd want to know. :o)

Rick Lindsay
Emerald Research / Tulsa OK USA

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