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Installing alarm and actuators

Subject: Installing alarm and actuators
From: "Morten Agnor" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 16:07:16 +0100
I'm going to install an alarm system in my 1966 B roadster. This just in 
because of the insurance and my general concern...

I want to secure the boot, engineroom, doors (with microswitches) and if 
possible the CD-player. The main point is to incorporate some sort of start 
imobilizer so that the engine will not start when the alarm is armed.

I found a system now that even claims it can secure the cab with ultrasound. 
Has anyone some experience with this on a B roadster (my concern is that 
since the cabin is not airtight it will not work properly and sometimes I'll 
park without taking the top up, what to do then?).

Another thing I'm thinking about is installing actuators controlled by the 
alarmremote to lock / unlock the doors with the alarm. I'll disassemble the 
original locking mechanism, the key that's used today isn't safe at all, one 
day I couldn't find the keys I used a paperclip to unlock the car(!), and 
I'm no professional car thief... I think the remotecontrol only actually 
will be a lot safer :).

Any suggestions?

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