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Subject: Re: CVAR NEEDS YOU!!
From: David Littlefield <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 11:42:29 -0600

No need to thank me.  I should be thanking you.  Without corner workers
we would all be polishing our racing cars rather than racing them.

I'm glad you had such a rewarding experience.  I was a corner worker
(mostly working Grid) for several years and I enjoyed it, as well.

The MG owners will be glad to hear that I beat all the AH Sprites (and
there were many) this past weekend, except in the final race when I broke
an axle!  I guess I also beat the other Midgets, too, considering the
only car in front of me in F Production was a Mini Cooper S.

CVAR is a great group of enthusiasts.  Come for the cars, return for the

Thanks again,

David Littlefield
'62 MGA MkII
'51 MGTD
'74 MG Midget vintage racer
'61 Jaguar E-Type OTS

On Mon, 25 Feb 2002 11:03:15 -0600 Martin Cooper <>
> David,
> I would like to to thank you for having taken the time to ask for 
> volunteers for
> this past weekend for the The Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing group 
> in Texas. My
> name is Martin Cooper (Round Rock/Austin, Texas) I took up your 
> offer and had
> contacted Keith Gray at CVAR and worked this past Friday and Sat. 
> (Could not make
> it for Sunday) it was a great time and meet a great group of people, 
>  but the
> best was seeing cars that you only see in books and magazines! 
> Visualize seeing a
> "Lister Jaguar" and a Shadow DN4 up close and watching it run this 
> was two of
> over 150 cars that were there. You get to meet and talk to the 
> owners along with
> working areas on the track I was a flag man on two different corners 
> and wow it
> was a blast. I recommend to any others on the sites to get out and 
> volunteer your
> time. I learned allot and meet a great group of people.
> I plan on being at the next one again.
> Thank you again,
> Martin Cooper
> David Littlefield wrote:
> > The Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing group in Texas is in need of 
> volunteer
> > course workers for the February 22, 23, 24 race at Texas World 
> Speedway
> > in College Station, Texas.  Work one or two days or all three.  
> We
> > particularly need workers on Friday.
> >
> > No experience required.  Just be 18 or older.  CVAR will provide 
> your
> > entry, your hotel room, your meals, your beer (some restrictions 
> apply),
> > and a fun weekend!!  See over a hundred vintage racecars battle 
> for
> > position!  See the MG Midgets stomp the AH Sprites (my personal
> > favorite)!  Course workers get real close to the action (in a very 
> safe
> > way).
> >
> > For more information call Keith Gray on 210 601-7995 or email him 
> at
> >
> >
> > David 

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