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FW: Spark Plug and fuse replacements on 77 MGB

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Subject: FW: Spark Plug and fuse replacements on 77 MGB
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 08:58:58 -0800

Don't worry, we will be gentle.

I'm in the midst of doing a similar resurection.

I wouldn't worry about replacing the fuses, they don't tend to be a problem.
Pull each one out and make sure the contact surface is clean.  If you do
want to replace them AGC-30 can be used in a pinch, though the correct ones
are usually available from the normal mail order sources who you will grow
to know and love.

>From past experience if you see corrosion in the fuse box  assembly I would
definitely suggest replacing it.  The riveted connections on the back of the
box tend to corrode causing intermittent faults and overheating.  New boxes
are available, and arn't that much.

I would also suggest replacing the headlight switch for the same reason.
High current and corrosion from storage combine to cause heat and meltdown.

The turnsignal/headlamp/horn switch is expensive and accessible, so I'd
suggest cleaning the contacts rather than replacing.  If the plastic is
brittle, don't bother, plan to ante up and get a new one.  Much easier to
replace it before it breaks on the road.

Plugs are a controversial subject.  I wouldn't worry too much about them.
Regular stock Champion N9YC will make the puppy bark without any problem.
Get the beastie up and running before worrying about finesse.

Chances are the fuel pump is going to be duff, and all the rubber covered
connectors in front of the radiator should be dismantled and cleaned before

Good luck with the project.


BTW smoking is both bad for you and your car.

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> Subject: Spark Plug and fuse replacements on 77 MGB
 I have a 77 MGB with a 45D distributor that was "stored" for
> twenty years.
> 1.    The MG Enthusiast Archives  from 1998 suggest using a 
> spark plug gapped to .035.  I have been told by my local 
> parts retailer
> (NAPA) that this plug is not made and is replaced by a plug that is
> gapped to .025 with the notation "Do not re-gap".  A different parts
> dealer (Advance Auto Parts) suggested using a Bosch Platinum 4216 plug
> also gapped to .025.
> 2.    I have a 77 MGB with a 45D distributor that was "stored" for
> twenty years.  I want to replace the fuses before hunting for the many
> surprises that I am sure Lord Lucas has left for me.  The fuses in the
> car (4) are all glass types with thin wire (not the modern blades) and
> say "35A   17 amps continuous" on the paper with the glass.
> What are the current (no pun intended) recommendations for replacement
> plugs and fuses for a 77 MGB?  Why the change in gapping on 
> the "newer"
> plugs?  Can I just use AGC-30 fuses?  Nothing in the Buss "British Car
> Assortment" seemed to match.

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