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Re: Spark Plug and fuse replacements on 77 MGB

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Subject: Re: Spark Plug and fuse replacements on 77 MGB
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Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 16:53:35 -0000
> 1.    The MG Enthusiast Archives  from 1998 suggest using a NGK BPR6E VG
> spark plug gapped to .035.  I have been told by my local parts retailer
> (NAPA) that this plug is not made and is replaced by a plug that is
> gapped to .025 with the notation "Do not re-gap".  A different parts
> dealer (Advance Auto Parts) suggested using a Bosch Platinum 4216 plug
> also gapped to .025.

Get an alternative that can be gapped.  Is there not a non-platinum BPR6?
Champion N9Y or its derivatives (e.g. RN9Y, RN9YC etc)  .035 is the
recommendation for all rubber bumper cars, probably something to do with a
change in coil spec and a fatter spark for emissions cars.

> 2.    I have a 77 MGB with a 45D distributor that was "stored" for
> twenty years.  I want to replace the fuses before hunting for the many
> surprises that I am sure Lord Lucas has left for me.  The fuses in the
> car (4) are all glass types with thin wire (not the modern blades) and
> say "35A   17 amps continuous" on the paper with the glass.

You should be able to get replacements for those - unless you want to change
the fusebox type as well, but there's nothing wrong with them that can't be
put down to 25 years and POs.

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