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Re: Spark Plug and fuse replacements on 77 MGB

To: Robert Guinness <>,
Subject: Re: Spark Plug and fuse replacements on 77 MGB
From: "Carl W. French" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 12:07:32 -0500
>1.    The MG Enthusiast Archives  from 1998 suggest using a NGK BPR6E VG
>spark plug gapped to .035.  I have been told by my local parts retailer
>(NAPA) that this plug is not made and is replaced by a plug that is
>gapped to .025 with the notation "Do not re-gap".  A different parts
>dealer (Advance Auto Parts) suggested using a Bosch Platinum 4216 plug
>also gapped to .025.

The plug I have been getting is the BPR6ES and I have found that at many 
different parts companies including my local NAPA as late as last October. 
You can also use the Champion RN9Y but most people will tell you to stick 
with the NGKs. I would keep checking. As far as the fuses are concerned I 
would not mess too much with the stock 35a fuses. They are available 
through Moss and many of the Moss retailers on this list. You will 
(hopefully) get many answers from much better qualified people on the list.

Carl French
Alfred, Maine

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