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Re: brake pads accomplished

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Subject: Re: brake pads accomplished
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Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 09:16:50 -0000
You don't say what the running voltage is, should be about 14.5v at a fast
idle without load.  Check the voltages on the brown/yellow and white.

And to the person who suggested taping it over: "That is what little POs are
made of", to paraphrase the nursery rhyme.

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Subject: brake pads accomplished

> Now onto the bad news: the ignition light is still coming on.  I checked
> the voltage at the battery, and I have 12.6 with the car off, and 12.5
> with it on.  When I turn on the lights, I get 12.4 or 12.3.  The light
> glows dimly, getting brighter at lower revs.  The car always starts, and
> the alternator plug is now secure, so what's the culprit?  I have been
> through so many alternators, I would simply like to get this one
> solved.  Any ideas or things to check would be greatly appreciated.

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