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Gawd-awful squeal

Subject: Gawd-awful squeal
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 11:25:40 -0400
Yep, my belt's a-squealing.  I have already inspected for cats - no 
unaccounted for hair.

It's a '78 B

- I first tried tightening it a little (no change).

- I took the belt off and tried moving both the alternator and water pump 
by hand.  Both move freely.  Water pump is a little heavier to move, but I 
think that's natural, but the point is they both will move (if I'm wrong 
about this, please pipe up).

- I went and got a new belt, put it on, repositioned the alternator to the 
original place (as shown by the discoloration).  Still squealing.

- I've made it a little tighter - as much as I can without forcing it, and 
I still want there to be some play (recommended about 1" of play).  Still 

I've repositioned it a number of times already, no significant change.  If 
it is quieter, then it's not by much.

What else could cause it?  I wondered if the alternator wasn't quite "even" 
(it has two bolts on top) that it might cause something to rub.  I tried 
cleaning the pulleys, and if there was any buildup anywhere it seemed to be 
on the water pump (which I replaced a year ago), but I'm not positive.

Any ideas?


- Tab

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