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RE: Twin Cam - Re: [MGA_restorersgroup] EX 182 !

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Subject: RE: Twin Cam - Re: [MGA_restorersgroup] EX 182 !
From: Tim Baxter <>
Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2002 08:15:08 -0500
Gotta agree with Jim. It's the same way with vintage guitars... they 
go where the desire to have them is strongest. At some point, someone 
here will have the desire and will and they'll be shipped back. It's 
not like transit only goes one way. At any rate, that GT6 I sold is 
better loved in Germany than it ever was here, I suspect.

> I am so tired of hearing this ! If you want to keep the cars in 
country then
> buy them !
> A few years ago I put my pristine Twin Cam Coupe up for sale, I got 
1 call
> from the USA, 1 call from Canada and 14 calls from elsewhere.
> Needless to say the car is now out of country.
> After the sale all I heard was "what a shame" over and over and yet 
I never
> heard  an offer from any of them.
> (Rant ends here)
> :-)
> Jim

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