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Re: Twin Cam - Re: [MGA_restorersgroup] EX 182 !

Subject: Re: Twin Cam - Re: [MGA_restorersgroup] EX 182 !
From: Eric <>
Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2002 15:39:24 +0930
On Saturday, Oct 5, 2002, at 14:00 Australia/Adelaide, J.R. Leach wrote:

>> Bullwinkle SEZ -
>>> My 2 cents.
>>> So few of the really milestone MG's are located in the US
>>> even though the US received about 75% of the total post WWII
>>> production.  Even some of the Sebring cars are now longer
>>> here.  It would be great in the car would stay in the US.
> I am so tired of hearing this ! If you want to keep the cars in 
> country then
> buy them !
> A few years ago I put my pristine Twin Cam Coupe up for sale, I got 1 
> call
> from the USA, 1 call from Canada and 14 calls from elsewhere.
> Needless to say the car is now out of country.
>  After the sale all I heard was "what a shame" over and over and yet I 
> never
> heard  an offer from any of them.
> (Rant ends here)

Besides, wouldn't it be more sensible to make sure they got home again 
safe and sound to England?

Adelaide, South Australia

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