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Re: The rewire - '77B rheostat burn.

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Subject: Re: The rewire - '77B rheostat burn.
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 09:11:47 -0500
Telewest (PH) wrote:
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> Subject: Re: The rewire - '77B rheostat burn.
>>>>Also, one of the lights of the console isn't working, I swapped lights
>>>>and it stayed in the socket, so
>>>>I have to trace that wire, though I may not care. :-).
>>It's the light for the heater or vent or cigerette lighter, both cables
>>hook up at the end, somewhere up under I think.
> I *think* they are daisy-chained if you have the seperate dash loom, not
> individual bullets plugged into connectors, so it may be a physical problem
> inside the bulb holder - check with a voltmeter - rather than an unplugged
> wire.

The one light that wasn't coming on was the fasten seatbelt light. I 
already do that, as does my 5 and 8 year olds. I don't need it.

The dash is back in! I think I spent a whole hour on just the nut 
between the speedo and tach.

Tonight, the console can go back in with my new stereo. That old 8-track
with only one channel was getting annoying. :-) I didn't know AM/FM/CDs 
were so cheap. $55 with a detachable face plate. More than I need since
half the time the radio is off and another 1/4 its on news stations. 
I'll have to dig out my "Welcome to the Machine" CD. Always my first 
song for a new piece of equipment. :-)


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