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The rewire - '77B rheostat burn.

To: mgs <>
Subject: The rewire - '77B rheostat burn.
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2002 19:10:10 -0500
As you may remember from almost a month ago, I burned a few red/white 
and a red/green in my
dash after messing with the rheostat.

I finally got the new wires in, and there's one wire that's got me 
wondering. It's a purple/pink (PK) that
goes up the steering column. on the left. I can't figure out where it 
goes. Finding the ignition switch,
turn signal switch, horn, washer and wiper, I can't find it going 
anywhere. Any clues?

Also, one of the lights of the console isn't working, I swapped lights 
and it stayed in the socket, so
I have to trace that wire, though I may not care. :-).

I started the engine up to check the instruments, and then remembered 
that that hadn't hooked up
the oil line. Opps. Not much came out.

One wire broke again, I'll fix that easy enough. I'm relocating the new 
rheostat (thanks to Steve!)
on the upper switch blank where the DPO had a switch for the radiator 
fan. (I fixed that in the

On a bad note, I cracked the top of the dash :-( right in the middle, I 
think the luggage rack is
to blame. It's just a depression puncture, though fairly big, is there 
any patch for that?

I'm shooting for getting it back on the road by the end of the week. 
Perfect for this wonderful
Minnesota weather.

Paul Root

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