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Re: what to do???rotary MGB

To: "Trevor E. Cranmer" <>
Subject: Re: what to do???rotary MGB
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 10:46:04 -0500
As long as your eyes are open going in, if that's
what you want. Go for it.

My brother had a good observation once when we saw
and article on that Cosworth engine in the MG. He
said that the V8 conversion still retains some history
of MG since the factory did put them in GTs, but you put
other engines in it, it pretty well ceases to be an MG.

Trevor E. Cranmer wrote:
> I am very aware of those other issues which would be
> upgraded even if the rotary wasn't going in!! As a
> matter of fact I would be losing weight so this would
> help those breaking situation. I would replace the
> rear with a shorted 84 gsl-se rear w/ disk breaks. Yes
> I have been a GRM subscriber for a long time and have
> all the ro-spit issues which in fact gave me the idea.
> The only difference being I will be using a single
> sidedraft carb insted of efi, personal pref. I have
> race car building experience and understand the what
> needs to be done. I have a VW Rabbit that I race
> so I
> would like the Mg at par with that but with an
> interior so the wife can come along!! thanks guys
> --- Paul Root <> wrote:
>>Ok, I'm going to assume that you know that leaving
>>everything else the same and just dropping in the
>>13B is going to leave you as a red spot on the
>>You need to think A LOT about brakes and suspension
>>and differential, etc., etc., etc.
>>There are, as a start 2 sources of information that
>>you should read and understand.
>>The first is "How to give your MGB V8 power". This
>>will give you ideas about what you need to think
>>The second is Grass Roots Motorsports. Go back and
>>get all the articles on their RoSpit conversion, see
>>the pain they went through. And how they did it
>>Ok, I'll add some more, someone yesterday posted a
>>URL on the 2.0l Cosworth engined MGB, read anything
>>you can about that.
>>As far as the moral dilemma. There were, and still
>>are tons of MGBs in the world. But if you have a
>>good running engine (good compression, not burning
>>oil, etc.), I'd probably go more toward the, "How
>>to Power Tune MGB 4 cylinder Engines".
>>On the other hand, I'm one of those who day-dream
>>putting the V8 in my B one day. The next day I
>>it'd be a lot easier and cheaper to buy a TR8.
>>Trevor E. Cranmer wrote:
>>>Well I picked up a 74 bgt to restore in the
>>>of july with 49,000 documented miles for $1200.
>>>it all summer and it is now time to restore this
>>>beast. It has it's issues. The inner front fenders
>>>have been replaced most likly due to an accident
>>>they patched new ones in very poorly,1/4 inch gap
>>>places. The sills are just starting to go, no
>>>I can do body work( replacing them that is). My
>>>original goal was to install a mazda 13b Carbed
>>>engine and 5 speed trans. It would be a great 
>>>performance gain and would make the car so much
>>>fun to drive. I can't decide if I want to do that
>>>Should I keep it original?? Any one have any links
>>>this conversion in a MGB? Any input is
>>appreciated. thanks-trevor
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