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To: "MG Nuts" <>
Subject: Back..
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 22:29:29 +0100
Hi all,

Disappeared for a few months, moving and all - still in the UK for those
interested! I was selling my BGT V8 back then, but sanity prevailed and I've
decided to keep it. :) I've just taken in a poor homeless 61, Mk1 Midget
(948cc, drum brakes) to do a rolling restoration on. She's in pretty good
nick - just a little neglected - aww! ;) I was getting bored with the V8
being so reliable and having nothing to play with, and besides, our
beautiful extended summer is begging for another month or so of top down
thrills. <G> I haven't told my Mum I've got "another 'bloody' MG" yet, I'm
too scared to, I think she'd disown me. ;) But my Dad understands..

Oh yes and the CGT is being reinvented as we speak back in Australia. Hans
Pedersen is doing a great job grafting on a Twin Rotor Supercharger, EFI,
Roller-bloody-everything! Very exciting, brown trouser time!! :)

61 A 1600 / 61 Midget / 68 CGT / 74 BGT V8

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