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Re: Michelin Tubes

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Subject: Re: Michelin Tubes
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Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 23:31:24 -0400
Huh?  What?  You woke me up...  

Yes, Michelin tubes are much better, something about lapped seams instead
of butt-joined.  I used to get lots of flats until I started using the
Michelin tubes, however, they last so well it's been years since I went
looking for them.  But the last time I did, I went and whined to the people
Discount Tire in San Diego and they ordered some for me.  If I went
looking for them again, I'd try the usual Britcar parts suppliers (Kelvin?)
the wire wheel people.  Good luck!  And let us know if you find a stash.


> Denise Thorpe please chime in!!!  You are correct, I don't "need" a 
> specific brand.  I've found, however, that Michelin tubes are built more 
> sturdy than others, and since I've had 3 substandard tubes go flat, and 
> one go to the level of non-repairable, I'd like to buy quality at this 
> point.
> My local tire store informs me that Michelin tubes are almost
> now though, because everyone has gone to cheaper suppliers (and I mean 
> cheaper in every sense of the word, not just financially).  The local
> store owner also agreed with me that Michelin tubes are higher quality, 
> and for wire wheels would be longer wearing.
> Phil Bates

--- Denise Thorpe

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