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Nice Day

Subject: Nice Day
From: Mark J Bradakis <>
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 17:56:55 -0600 (MDT)
Beautiful weather outside, a clean and crisp autumn afternoon, it would
be great to be out driving about in a sporty little convertible.  But here
I sit in the basement whacking on the Team.Net servers.  Okay, I did pop
up to the post office in my Mark 1 Spitfire earlier, so I got a bit of
fun in.

You may have noticed an interruption in service over the night.  Bits should
be flowing once again, as getting this message should indicate.  And if you've
been on the list for more than six months, you may recall the April 11th
message "Seven come Eleven" I sent out, requesting funding for new server
parts and such.  If you don't remember, feel free to point a web client at, search for "seven come eleven"

Well, this message is being sent from the new server, I've finally managed
to get it online and working, for the most part.  So once a few more minor
things are cleaned up, I can concentrate on other improvements, like fully
populating the archives and figuring out why the search results display the
index and database files in with the messages.  And getting a database or
scripts or whatever in place so that you only see administrative messages
like this once, not once for every list subscription in your name.

But we should now have enough disk space and processing power to get through
a few years.  We shall see.  Last time I counted, was shipping
out about 3 to 4 million messages a month, hopefully it won't get much busier
than that.

For those of you who have been longtime subscribers, you may vaguely
recall the original 'move the server home' message sent out around
Columbus Day, 1999, and the subsequent spring and fall fund drives to
collect donations for the monthly operating expenses and such.  Yes,
it is fund drive time again.

Don't worry, this one is on me.  The spring drive was pretty successful,
there's a few bucks left.  In truth, I still have a small stack or two of
envelopes I've not yet opened, or have yet to acknowledge.  Sometimes I
wonder how *any* of this works under the care of such a disorganized, flaky
procrastinator such as myself.  So it goes.

If you wish to contribute anyway, feel free to send a donation via Paypal
to, or send a check, payable to Fat Chance Garage
to the postal address

Fat Chance Garage
PO Box 58333
Salt Lake City, UT  84158

If you want to charge it on Visa or Mastercard, send me an email, I'll
let you know the procedure.


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