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Re: ZS tuning

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Subject: Re: ZS tuning
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Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 16:10:11 +0100
Check you have some free play in the accelerator cable, maybe the pedal stop
is holding the butterfly open a little.  But the auto-choke could be causing

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Subject: ZS tuning

> Our 79B with ZS carb has been idling fast (but running well) since I tuned
> everything up. I just got around to adjusting it a few days ago. I backed
> the fast idle screw as far as possible; it almost is unthreaded clear out
> the hole.  It still idles fast (at just a little less than 1000 RPM) and
> doesn't start well. Have I screwed up the water choke (yes, it DID work
:-) by
> adjusting the idle down? Do I need to readjust the needle in the carb
> adjusting the idle?

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