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Re: Parts cars for my BMH body shell

To: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>,,
Subject: Re: Parts cars for my BMH body shell
From: Don Malling <>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 23:29:22 -0400
Hi Kelvin, Chris, and Max 

Thanks for the reply. Maybe this will work in the end. 

The pictures from Chris helped a lot. I'll print them out and study my
body shell. 

The 69 parts cars have reclining seats. Is it just a case of needing an
opening for the side lever, or are the reclining seats a different

Hmmm...I would really want the seats to recline, unless the 67/68 seats
are already in a fixed but reclined position. FWIW, the seats in my 68
TR250 do not recline, but are already in a fixed reclining position
(rather than upright). 

I guess I had better find a 67/68 to look at and maybe sit in. Too bad
the car shows are over for this year :-) 

Any suggestions on British wrecking yards where I could get the parts?
I'll poke through Skye's list: 

I hope you guys appreciate how important the information is that you
provide. I hope that by the time this is over, I will be able to help
the next guy the way you guys have helped me. 

Thanks again,

Don Malling 

"Dodd, Kelvin" wrote:
> Don:
> No problem with your notion.  The car you want to build is quite achievable.
> My suggestion is to build a 1969 MGB with a 1967 dash, interior and complete
> wiring harness.
> Mechanically the car will be a 1969 (except delete the emmision stuff if you
> legally can).
> Install a 63-67 dashboard and steering column into the shell, using the
> mounting flange from a rusted out junk car.  (note, this bit usually doesn't
> rust, so it is going to be available from one of the British speciality
> yards).
> You will need a full set of 63-67 gauges and switches which will be tough to
> find.  The tach will have to be a 66-67 converted to negative ground.  The
> speedo will need to be calibrated to work with the later box.
> Use a new 66-67 wiring harness.  There will be a few changes, the major one
> being to wire it for an alternator (this is a very common conversion
> anyway).  The brake light switch wire is about the only other change that
> comes to mind, if you wanted to stick with the 69 dual brakes (not a bad
> idea).  Oops, you will need to add an extension onto the starter wiring,
> again no big deal and another common conversion.  I would suggest installing
> a pair of early tail lights, but that is personal preference.
> Simply put, playing mix n match with MGB parts is pretty easy especially
> when compared to reshelling a complete car.
> Going from memory, so it's probably incorrect. (i'm sure someone out there
> will correct me if so)  The 1969 seat frames will work fine with 63-68
> covers and cushions.  The 1970 onward reclining seats won't but I'm pretty
> sure the 1969 frame is a slightly re-fashioned version of the 1963-68.
> To install the early dash, the section of cowl between the windshield and
> the dash must be changed.  This has to be done carefully, as the flat sheet
> metal is prone to distortion when welded.  The seam can be made under the
> windshield seal, so is covered.  The underside does need some care, as the
> center strengthening support structure is part of the section.
> I did bump into a gentleman up in Durango Co. who had built a 1967 on a
> Heritage shell, but we didn't go into details.
> Kelvin.
> >
> > My notion was to build the bulk of the car with the two 69 parts cars
> > and then put a 67 dash in it. I have now come to believe that the idea
> > is probably impractical. I understand that the 67 came with a
> > generator,
> > and the 68 - 74 were alternators. I suspect there may be other wiring
> > problems with trying to use a 67 wiring harness with 69 parts cars
> > (other than the dash gauges)
> >
> > I was after two things with the 67 -- I simply liked to looks
> > of the 67
> > dash as opposed to the padded dash, and for the same reason
> > would prefer
> > not to have head-rests on the seats.
> >
> > Does anyone know if I can make 68 style seats (no head rests) using 69
> > seat frames? That is to say, can I put a 68 seat kit on a 69
> > seat frame?
> >
> > I would still like a 67 dash, but I suspect it's a much bigger problem
> > than I had thought. I would however have two 69 junk body
> > shells that I
> > could rip into for practice :-). I have a complete and almost
> > running 73
> > that needs floors and sills, so I thought I would practice on the 69
> > parts cars to see what kind of a job it is.
> >
> > I guess I see the wiring as the biggest problem with using a 67 wiring
> > harness (dash guages) with 69 drive train and other parts.
> > True/false?
> >
> > Don Malling

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