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Re: Pertronix questions

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Subject: Re: Pertronix questions
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Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 14:08:17 +0100
That's true, which is about its only advantage, but the effects of mild wear
are likely to be insignificant on the road, and should not be considered as
a 'cure' for extreme wear.  However the 'huge shift in timing' can be a
problem if it results extremes of vacuum moving the rotor being away from
the cap contacts at the time of firing - phasing.  An 'electronically
switched ignition' cannot draw more current than points with zero contact
resistance.  I'm even more agin the Pertronix since I heard that the
manufacturers couldn't be bothered to fit a tuppeny-happeny diode to prevent
reverse connection burning the thing out, nor warn of the consequences of
doing so.

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> ...  Yes, it was steady with the points. They worked
> fine, but the distributor shaft bearing has some wear and the Pertronix
> is said to overcome a bit of shaft wobble.

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