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Re: Pertronix questions

To: "Telewest (PH)" <>
Subject: Re: Pertronix questions
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 08:07:56 -0500
 Of course it can!  In the real world there's a thing called "contact
bounce."  This occurs at the time a switch closes.  That what the points
are - a switch.  Also, there's no such thing as a switch with zero
contact resistance: there's aleays a few milliohms resistance in the
contacts AND the point resistance increases over timeas the points
degrade with use.  The electronically switched system - Pertronix for
example - has no contact bounce so there's a cleaner switching action,
resulting in a cleaner waveform.  The cleaner waveform, with nice square
leading and trailing edges means longer current draw at the coil for
each time the switch is on.  This translates to higher average current

  There's a corollary to contact bounce when the points open.  They
don't just open all at once.  It takes time.  The electronically
switched ignition produces a shorter rise-time to full voltage at the
spark plug.   And of course you get more precise control and
repeatability of the spark timing with electronic switching.



Telewest (PH)" wrote:
 An 'electronically
> switched ignition' cannot draw more current than points with zero contact
> resistance.

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