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Subject: Bodywork
From: "Patton Dickson" <>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 08:51:19 -0500
Hey guys,

I'm using a weeks vacation after traveling every week and working
weekends for the better part three months for working on the MG.  I have
begun to strip the paint and have it to basically bare metal on about
1/3 the car.  I plan to have that done by tonight or early tomorrow.  

There are a lot of dents and dings under there, but outside of the
drivers fender, no to speak of.  Someone in the past has cut some out
and welded new metal back in in some places though.  That bottom rear
quarter of that fender is bad with rust, I will probably have to buy the
Moss quarter section (p/n 457-575) or the lower panel (p/n 457-930)  and
have someone with skills weld that to my fender.  (Any Houston area
suggestions for that job, I have 0 welding skills).  Outside of that, I
know I have my work cut out for me lots of dent and ding removal ahead
of me, but a $300 MG s going to need lots of work!!!

I know that I won't be painting this car for (at least) several weeks.
My question is what order to go after the body is stripped. I believe
that I need to prime the body as soon as possible, so I am going do that
the end of the week with a corrosion resistant primer.  I don't know if
the filler works better on bare metal or over the primer.  When I get to
the point of working out dents and applying filler, do I have take the
primer back off?  Oh yes, any suggestions for filler (not lead)? 

A few of the molding strip holders are missing, and one has been
replaced with a square style snap instead of a round one.  I am thinking
about drilling them all out and replacing with new ones after the
bodywork is done.   Is that a bad idea?  

Patton Dickson - Richmond, TX
1965 Corvair Monza 110/4sp 'vert
1967 MGB Roadster

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