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RE: uhaul tow dolly/transport 70B

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Subject: RE: uhaul tow dolly/transport 70B
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Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 13:30:48 -0700

How does the Dively Open Deck Car Trailer compare?  You would be better off
with a proper tandem axle car trailer and ramps.

The loading ramp of the utility trailer probably will not work, so you will
have to fabricate ramps.  The front rail will have to be cut down to fit the
car through which is going to take welding.

The floor has to be strong and well reinforced where the tires are going to
sit.  All of the car weight will be on 4 patches 16 inches square.

The single axle 3500lb Haulmark looks like it could handle the load,
especially the longer versions.  Again, the rating is for the axle, not for
the springs.  So the 2600lb MGB could put the tires into the fenders.

The best tie downs are ratchet straps, with over the axle protective straps.
Check out

I now use 4 of the 6' ratchet straps and 4 of the Sleeved Axle straps.

But then again, I've also used a couple of "come alongs" and a length of
chain around the rear axle many times.

Tongue weight:  Your tow vehicle and hitch have ratings for allowed Gross
Vehicle Weight and Tongue Weight.  You have to have enough tongue weight to
stabilize a single axle trailer but too much and the back of the tow vehicle
will bottom.  The trailer pictured looks like it has wheels set back far
enough from the front to give good balance with the weight centered on the
trailer.  My trailer has the wheels closer to the center, so the car has to
be loaded further forward to keep adequate tongue weight.  No, the stock
suspension on my Minivan (89 Chrysler) handled the weight without any

Tongue weight is usually between 100-500 lbs, so you are not looking at much
loading on the tow vehicle.

My suggestion would be to go with the tandem lightweight car trailer if
possible rather than modifying a new utility trailer.  Resale prices are
pretty good, so you should be able to sell it easily on the other end if you
don't find it invaluable.  I got my trailer in trade, so the modifications
and pratting about were worth it. 

I'm now extremely happy to have found a used 18' enclosed trailer for which
I paid $2500.  It has already paid for itself.

hope this helps


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> Subject: RE: uhaul tow dolly/transport 70B
> With that in mind this is the trailer I was considering.  
> Does it look up to 
> the task?  I spoke to the sales guy and he said he would not 
> recommend 
> hauling a car because the gate would not stand up to it.  I 
> wasn't expecting 
> just to roll it up there, but what would you suggest for securing the 
> vehicle?
> He also mentioned there is a 2900 load capacity.  A MGB was 
> spec'd out at 
> 2600 lbs I believe.
> Does putting all of the weight over the tongue require 
> uprated springs on 
> the tow vehicle.  In this case a Chevy K1500.  In other words 
> did you uprate 
> yours?
> Thanks for the input.
> Dereck

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