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It's Leaking!!!!

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Subject: It's Leaking!!!!
From: "F. J. MacFarlane" <>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 20:40:13 -0500
Which is to say IT'S RUNNING!  My 1967 MGB is out of the garage and on the
street.  I've got 750 miles on it so far, and it's a hoot.  Photos on some
webpage TBD when I can pry my fingers off the (skinny) steering wheel and
gearchange lever to take them.  Sincere thanks to Barney Gaylord et. al.
with help on various snafus over the past 4 months of engine and
transmission rebuilds.  The 1991 Ford/Mitsubishi alternator worked out
great, the 1991 Honda fans less so, but they do work as intended.  Now, it's
off to the Sonic to startle some rice rockets!

BTW, you know your car is OK if your teenage son begs you to borrow it (heh,

F. J. (Lane) MacFarlane
Houston, TX

1967 MGB, 750 miles on rebuilt engine + trans!  Wahoo!
1982 Plymouth Turisomo (driven by a teenager now, heaven help the clutch!)
1985 Plymouth Voyager 2.6 L 146 kmi
1994 Plymouth Voyager 3.3 L 125 kmi
unapologetic PO 1967 English Ford Anglia 123E (RIP)

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